Tuesday Highlights – 11/14/17

Champions Classic is living up to the hype through a game and a half.  He’s not going to win many popularity contests, but Grayson Allen may wind up being the key to Duke’s national title hopes after all.  Even without Bagley for most of the night they still looked damn impressive against a very good Spartan squad.  I don’t know how you’re supposed to guard them if the outside shots are falling.  Seems like maybe you just can’t.


Anyways, on to the few highlights we found tonight.  Starting with our first Villanova sighting of the year.


And we’ll keep it in the tri-state area with a Rutgers.. yes, RUTGERS highlight.  Corey Sanders is one of the most underrated players in the country, you should absolutely check him out if you get the chance this season.  Beautiful pass and finish here.


Meanwhile, at the late game in Chicago, Hamidou Diallo with the steal and the aggressive slam.  He’s going to dunk about 200 times this year I think, and I might post every single one of them here.


Some good ones tomorrow…

Mini Big East vs B10 challenge with Creighton @ Northwestern & Butler @ Maryland.  Also have Bucknell @ UNC, and I’m curious to see how Indiana fares at Seton Hall after the start both those teams have had.

Sunday Highlights – 11/12/17

Today we’ve got the magical trifecta – daggers, dimes, AND dunks.  Was a good day of hoops even with a pretty small slate.

First we’ve got a dagger from the Ivy League, as Harvard takes down UMASS in the final seconds.

Another season, another good looking Wisconsin squad.

Denadre Ayton, that man had a family.  Good lord, another #DunkOfTheYear candidate on opening weekend.  Ayton is another real deal freshman this season, going to be so much fun to watch.

Bit of a homer pick here, but I love this play.  Beautiful dime from Josh Reaves to Mike Watkins.

And we’ll end opening weekend with YET ANOTHER #DunkOfTheYear candidate, this time from freshman Darious Hall at Arkansas.  Impressive win today for Arkansas, as the SEC continues to look deep this year.