Monday Highlights – 11/13/17

Huge night tomorrow.  Pretty quiet night this evening.  Pitt is 0-2, Belmont took down Vandy, and Iowa State lost at home to Milwaukee.  Not a lot of surprises elsewhere but we do have a couple of very nice clips, dunks only tonight.

Another #DunkOfTheYear (sidenote:  I’m going to have to do a Dunk of the week tag instead at the rate these are piling up) candidate from the little guy, Brandon Averette.

And I typically refuse to acknowledge “dunks” where they just basically throw it through the hoop but can’t really reach the rim, but this one is too hard to deny.  Nuni Omot is a bad man.



Kentucky vs Kansas

Duke vs Michigan State.


Sunday Highlights – 11/12/17

Today we’ve got the magical trifecta – daggers, dimes, AND dunks.  Was a good day of hoops even with a pretty small slate.

First we’ve got a dagger from the Ivy League, as Harvard takes down UMASS in the final seconds.

Another season, another good looking Wisconsin squad.

Denadre Ayton, that man had a family.  Good lord, another #DunkOfTheYear candidate on opening weekend.  Ayton is another real deal freshman this season, going to be so much fun to watch.

Bit of a homer pick here, but I love this play.  Beautiful dime from Josh Reaves to Mike Watkins.

And we’ll end opening weekend with YET ANOTHER #DunkOfTheYear candidate, this time from freshman Darious Hall at Arkansas.  Impressive win today for Arkansas, as the SEC continues to look deep this year.