Saturday Highlights – 11/11/17

Day 2 had a lot less action than opening night, but we still found some good clips.

Let’s start with a dime on the sick no-look alley-oop from Fornes to Cacok.ย  The first pass is low-key pretty nice too, gotta love the bounce pass.

Duke did what Kentucky couldn’t last night against Utah Valley, and that’s beat up on them.ย  Led by Marvin Bagley who has to be the early favorite for a number of awards and looks to be the real deal so far.


Also missed this clip from last night, the 2nd possible #DunkOfTheYear candidate on opening day, this one out of Eastern Kentucky by Deandre Dishman, who makes a habit out of dunks like these.

Not a huge slate tomorrow, but looking forward to a few games like Vermont @ Kentucky, Bucknell @ Arkansas, and Princeton @ Butler.ย  ย Then things really start to kick into high gear next week.

Highlights from Friday 11/10/17 – Opening Night!

Mercer missed an opportunity to pick up a solid win over UCF in their opener, but it wasn’t a complete waste since we got this little clip.

A&M just boat-raced Press Virginia in Germany, I still don’t know what happened there but this team could be a problem with all that size.

#DunkOfTheYear candidate on the first night of action.ย  Kentucky struggled early but switched to a zone defense and went on a tear in the 2nd half with easy buckets like this.

Arizona State might be fun to watch this year.ย  Two clip evening here.

And we always gotta show love for some beautiful passing, this time out in Boise.

Love the weird situations like this that happen in college sports.ย  Wonder what the elder Boeheim was thinking here…

Lastly, Grand Canyon University is highly entertaining to watch, and their broadcast guys are a blast to listen to as well.ย  “Wheels up” is no joke.